Wedding photo books – start planning early enough!

The wedding season is in the starting holes as well as the season of the wedding photo books.

Here is a checklist, with aspirates that you should consider before the wedding, during the wedding and after the wedding, so your wedding photo book will be as you have imagined.

Prepare wedding photo books before the wedding

1. Choose a wedding photographer!

Nowadays, many couples engage a professional wedding photographer. This of course guarantees technically perfect photos. Maybe you have in your circle of friends but also a motivated hobby photographer who gives you his services almost as a wedding. This will save you money first and second, you and the guests may feel more comfortable when a familiar face approaches a camera. Whom you choose, before you go to the wedding, talk to him about what you have in mind. A professional may be reluctant to talk, but it is about your wedding. Motifs, style, etc. of the photos should correspond to your expectations, which should also respect the most experienced wedding photographer.

In order to get as large a selection of different perspectives as possible at your wedding party and photos of different styles, you can hire a professional photographer and an amateur photographer from your circle of acquaintances. Many guests will have a camera with you anyway and will surely follow you afterwards surely synonymous happy recordings.

A classic as well as fun wedding tradition is to distribute one-way cameras on the tables. In digital times, wedding guests also love to make surprise photos for the wedding couple, which will be shown only days or weeks after the wedding. You still have to digitize these photos for your photobook.